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A corporate system designed for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies striving to increase productivity, optimise costs and achieve higher profitability.

Why choose our solution?

Increasing efficiency at manufacturing companies

An ideal solution for ambitious companies striving to increase productivity, manage costs and raise profitability.

Bottleneck management

The solution employs the theory of constraints to achieve maximum performance at identified bottlenecks in the production process, which limit the company’s output.

Fast orientation for company managements

Thanks to the building reporting system, managers have a continuous overview of the entire enterprise, production, sales, purchases and finances.

A system in your agendas

Infor VISUAL is a corporate system for small and medium-sized companies. It is a comprehensive ERP system for companies striving to improve productivity, manage costs and achieve higher profitability. The system is designed to accommodate various types of manufacturing, from ad hoc production (without a created TPV) construction and custom manufacturing, through to inventory production, as well as combinations of these various types of manufacturing.

Infor VISUAL offers all the tools needed to manage a medium-sized production-oriented company. It integrates a standard corporate information system (ERP), an advanced production planning system (APS) with the option of simulating a detailed production schedule and planning (DBR), electronic data interchange with business partners (EDI), a warehouse management system (WMS) and a number of other tools.

Infor VISUAL employs the theory of constraints (TOC) by Professor Goldratt to achieve maximum performance at bottlenecks in the production process which limit the company’s output. It is unique in that it fully supports the company’s business processes, is focused on the economic management of production, and thus provides a tool for optimising the enterprise’s performance.

The system offers the option of variant plans with the options to compare sales deadlines fulfilment, resource allocation and economic benefits for the enterprise. It also provides employee management tools through which all necessary information about the entire company can be obtained in just 20 minutes.

Infor VISUAL is available in Czech, Slovak and English, including Czech and Slovak finance localisation.

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“We decided to support our growth and implement the Infor VISUAL ERP system. The system completely covers all of the company’s corporate processes. We are now focusing our attention on controlling, in the sense of evaluating the real load on resources. We see immense potential in this.”

Aleš Koukola Executive | KOVO Koukola


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