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Infor LN

Make your manufacturing better and more efficient with modern corporate production management applications based on Infor technology. We have been implementing modern and open IT solutions since 1994.

Why choose our solution?

Increasing efficiency at manufacturing companies

This modern, next-generation ERP solution increases productivity not only for users, but above all the more efficient management of the entire enterprise.

Comprehensive end-to-end solutions

Infor LN is not just an ERP system. In addition to standard corporate processes it includes everything a modern company needs, from DMS through complex workflows to mobile applications.

Solutions for every type of manufacturing

Predefined solutions for verticals, from aircraft construction to automotive manufacturing, industrial machine product, high-tech to standard engineering production.

A system in your agendas

Infor LN is an integrated solution which covers a wide range of corporate functions. It is based upon a high-caliber self-contained company-wide ERP system covering the primary corporate sectors, (production, warehouses, finance). This can additionally be supplemented with a full range of additional modules (e.g. CRM to support sales activities, SCS to plan APS category production) and other functions.

The system is comprehensive and designed to ensure complete support and data consistency across all corporate processes and structures.

The functions of Infor LN feature both standard and professional tools that apply all the best practices in the field. Its built-in development and integration tools enable the creation of a fully unified and comprehensive solution that is adapted to each individual client’s needs.

Infor LN (formerly SSA ERP LN/Baan) builds on the foundation laid by previous Infor ERP Baan IV and Infor ERP Baan (formerly Baan 5.0) systems to implement a major modernisation which focuses upon higher user work productivity, leaner processes, integration of open-standard production and supply chains, reduction of operating costs, and improved quality of support services. For more than 6,500 satisfied customers who use IS Baan, and for organisations seeking a new modern and progressive solution.

Infor LN is the obvious migration path to next-generation ERP systems.

Infor LN is Infor Global Solution's flagship product in the field of discreet and hybrid manufacturing, and is continuously being updated and modernised.

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"With the benefit of hindsight, we see that our efforts were worthwhile. After more than a year of experience working with the new system, I can say that we made the right choice. The new information system is of great help in everyday routine tasks, it easily handles what our old system could not and provides effective support for the long term development goals of our company".

Ing. Pavel Očkovič

Škoda Transportation
Tatra Trucks
Daido Metal

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