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Financial consolidation

Mandatory by law. Difficult to process. Ideal for automation.

Why choose our solution?

Fast and flawless financial consolidation

Avoid traditional errors by eliminating manual procedures.

Effective consolidation in international groups

Compile consolidated reports for your entire group.

Close integration with financial planning

Use a unified environment to consolidate reality and plans.

A system in your agendas

Data consolidation during which data from heterogeneous structures are transferred into a unified data structure is no trivial process. Within this process, data are often manually transformed from local accounting frameworks and cleared, so that data of various origins have the same evidential value in the resulting consolidated accounting structure of the group.

We will relieve you of this time-consuming work by defining automatic consolidation for your entire group. You will get all the tools needed to set up your own consolidation according to pre-defined rules, and also for its subsequent management. Support of national and international accounting systems (US GAAP, IFRS) and the processing of FX differences is, of course, included.

The financial consolidation solution is a separate application, independent of the specific corporate ERP system. This separation allows you the freedom to alter the system in the future. It can be connected to a whole range of the most popular ERP systems, such as SAP Finance, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Axapta, Navision), Oracle Finance, Helios and others.

The financial consolidation solution cofunctions directly with our solution for corporate planning and management reporting. This means that you will reap all the advantages of having a unified environment for financial planning and consolidation.

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